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Why I Decided to Start my First Business

I never intended to be a business owner, it was not something I had planned and prepared for. In fact I calmly made an instant decision, because someone had inspired me, to start my first business Motivational Steps. Let me… Continue Reading →

How to Become Influential Versus Popular

I remember when it hit me all those years ago, the realization that many of the professional speakers who were invited to speak at conferences were popular, but not as good as me at delivering the message to the audience!… Continue Reading →

How to Confuse Your Potential Clients

Whether you have been in business a day, or a year, or longer, don’t confuse your potential clients, or the loyal clients you already have. You have a brand to build, and once you start posting, or commenting on certain… Continue Reading →

How to Recognize What’s Holding You Back

It’s a New Year and you promised yourself last year this would be the time when you set goals and turned your dreams into your reality. But, for some reason you are worried or even fearful about taking that step… Continue Reading →

Starting My Business Was Not Easy

Early Days It’s hard to believe that I decided to start my own business 16 years ago, especially as I now operate two businesses at the same time and I have been told that I make it look easy. Let… Continue Reading →

Customers Complaints Are A Gift

Before your customers decide to walk away, never to return and not tell you the reason why, think how you want your customer service experience to look feel. You can do this by putting yourself in your customers shoes, so… Continue Reading →

Let It Go

Have you ever heard that saying ‘If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all’? The thing is though sometimes we say something which we think is ‘nice’ and it turns out we hurt someone’s feelings, and when… Continue Reading →

How to Not Overspend & Stay True to Your Budget

WHO When you are a relatively new small business owner you may not have any budget at all in the first year of your business. I have no problem sharing with you I was in that position when I decided… Continue Reading →

How Long Should a Blog Post Be?

Changes In this ever changing world of content it’s difficult to keep up with the new trends and of course experts advice on how many words should a blog post have. Take the time to do the research needed to… Continue Reading →

How to Make A Great First Impression

When you walk into a room, whether you are at a networking event, meeting a client, or being interviewed for a new position, first impressions count. When you smile people look at you in a different way, but if you… Continue Reading →

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