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Business Networking Quality or Quantity

Quantity or Quality? Is it better to have thousands of connections or fewer connections, what are the pros and cons? Networking is my ‘thing’ I am not an expert, or a specialist, I am just able to build my success… Continue Reading →

Change is Inevitable

Don’t fight change, in any area of your life, you won’t win the battle. You will come away defeated. Change is a part of life, but it does offer you choices, even though at the time change hits you smack… Continue Reading →

Are You Prepared for Your Success?

You could be the next big thing, but are you prepared for your success? How to prepare for that time you have been waiting for, dreaming about and working towards – your success, when you hit the big time. Be… Continue Reading →

Breast Cancer Awareness is Not Just One Month of The Year

It’s September and I am starting to see the Breast Cancer Awareness tweets, etc showing up to ready everyone for October, which is Breast Cancer Awareness month. That’s great but as a two time breast cancer survivor I know everyone… Continue Reading →

How to Not Answer Your Emails

I am swamped with emails from everyone and everywhere. Luckily my assistant takes care of one of my businesses so that cuts down on a lot of my work, but still I have thousands of emails to sift through after… Continue Reading →

Culture Confusion is Everywhere

Have you ever heard someone say “Why can’t everyone just get on and work together”? The real problem here is not understanding the different cultures involved especially in the corporate world. Some organizations arrange team building workshops or engage speakers,… Continue Reading →

Having a Down Day?

I woke up this morning and realized something very important, I was feeling stressed and needed a good cry! People often hide these feelings because they think it’s a sign of weakness, but it’s quite the opposite. Showing our feelings… Continue Reading →

Ignore Everyone & Just Collect Trophy Connections

I often experiment to see if I am right, and I am 99% right. In this case I am talking about social media engagement. If you meet someone in a coffee shop, or restaurant, do you sit there silently eating,… Continue Reading →

It’s Not All About The Sale

Anyone can start a business and sell to anyone and everyone, or try. It might work in the first few months or even a year, but eventually you will be left with no customers. If you concentrate on your target… Continue Reading →

Life After Breast Cancer

When a woman asks me what it’s like to live life after a double mastectomy I share that everyone is different. We all experience different emotions, feelings, and our outcomes are not always as we expected, or what we wished… Continue Reading →

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