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How to Ensure Your Business Stands Out From The Crowd

I was informed via email there are even more changes happening on LinkedIn, whether they are better or not is for us to find out. I am discovering most of the social media platforms are merging into each other in… Continue Reading →


How to turn your ambition into your ideal business. You need to have a desire and passion to work hard to achieve your goals.   The first step is to identify what your true passion is. Research, research, research in those early… Continue Reading →

Coincidences Have a Meaning

We go through life not noticing the significance of coincidences. It’s as if we are not in tune with our intuition which could mean we let a great opportunity pass us by. A coincidence is a little bit like fate,… Continue Reading →

Good Manners Online

Do you talk to people when you are out and about in your neighbourhood? For instance I chat with people I know in my local shopping mall, and if I am meeting someone for lunch or coffee we have a… Continue Reading →

How to See Security Online as Simple

  You don’t need a University degree to look at online security as common sense and quite simple in reality. Obviously the so called ‘experts’ out there, I call them ‘know it alls’ don’t want you to work out how… Continue Reading →

Reply to Comments on Your Social Media Page

If you have a social media page/group it has to be updated on a consistent basis. You don’t have to post every day, but it’s always a great idea to check for comments. If someone leaves a comment and you… Continue Reading →

Follow up, Follow up, Follow up.

Recently I engaged a company to do some work for me. They were able to do an awesome job making sure we had a solid base for our new wooden shed. I was very happy with their work and when… Continue Reading →

Business Networking Quality or Quantity

Quantity or Quality? Is it better to have thousands of connections or fewer connections, what are the pros and cons? Networking is my ‘thing’ I am not an expert, or a specialist, I am just able to build my success… Continue Reading →

Change is Inevitable

Don’t fight change, in any area of your life, you won’t win the battle. You will come away defeated. Change is a part of life, but it does offer you choices, even though at the time change hits you smack… Continue Reading →

Are You Prepared for Your Success?

You could be the next big thing, but are you prepared for your success? How to prepare for that time you have been waiting for, dreaming about and working towards – your success, when you hit the big time. Be… Continue Reading →

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